KCVC Member Note and 2017 Strategy

KCVC Members – The team is wrapping up a very busy couple of weeks, culminating with our annual event at Union Station. Dozens of corporations and service members showed up to learn more about our progress and what changes we are making in 2017. Attached is our presentation. I want to briefly share with you how we plan to make your KCVC experience even better!

1. No more individual sign-ups for mock interviews, resume reviews and mentoring! - most of our service members want to participate in all 3 services. Our original plan was designed for each member to sign up individually based on their preferences. This process is inefficient and we plan to make changes immediately allowing service members to sign up for all (or some) of our services at once.

2. Adding a job specific box to the sign up form. – in some cases, our members know exactly what job they want and many times that company is a KCVC partner. Which is why we are adding a field in our sign up form that allows service members to provide a specific job they are interested in. This will help streamline the connections allowing us to get our members through the front door and maximize exposure.

3. Transition Coaches – I’m proud to announce this week we just had our 9th service member hired! Service members that have been hired through the KCVC program can serve as a valuable transition asset for our members. That’s why we have asked all of them to return to serve as transition coaches for any member interested in connecting! These transition coaches will be available on our website in the coming weeks.

4. A word from our corporate sponsors – one of our greatest assets is the large amount of corporations we have assisting the KCVC. So instead of me sending an update out every week, we have asked our HR leaders to contribute. An example of topics can include “How to counter the offer” or “What questions to ask in an interview”. If you have an HR question, PLEASE send us a note and we will discuss it the following week.

5. Your resume WILL be seen – effective immediately, we have created an online database that allows all KCVC corporations to view your resume. PLEASE make sure we have your updated resume.

We have a lot of momentum taking us into 2017. With our 9th hire, we continue our average of 1 member/month getting hired. We want to grow that success point in 2017! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to support you through the transition. We have your back!