KCVC Update | Annual Meeting | January 19th | Union Station | 9:00 - 10:30

KCVC Members – happy holidays to all of you. My apologies for going so many weeks without an e-mail. It’s been a busy couple of months, all for good reason of course.

In November, we hosted our 9th Annual Veterans Day event here on the Sprint Campus. It was the largest in KC and it’s my one time a year that I get to play Air Boss with a bunch of Army helicopters. As a former USAF guy, it was difficult to adjust to this “hovering” thing J.

In December, I’m pleased to announce that we had our 6th and 7th member hired! Bringing our average to 1 member a month transitioning into the “civilian world”. As I’ve told the team, that’s good, but I want it to be 10x in 2017!

Another change we made was to the website. Specifically our new branding. However, the biggest change will happen early next year, where we will be removing the requirement for individual sign-ups for mock interviews, mentoring and resume reviews. We want to stream line the process for our members so they are not constantly having to go back into the site to request additional support.

In addition to the website, we are also adding another resource to our team. With the success of our members getting hired, we’ve asked many of them to return as “Transition Coaches”. This team will be valuable to our member base by providing their best/worst practices and helping expand your network.

Finally, we are hosting our annual KCVC Meeting January 19th, from 9:00 – 10:30 at Union Station. I strongly encourage all of you to attend. There will be a significant HR presence, creating a great networking opportunity. I’ve included a save the date for your reference. Really hope to see all of you there.

In closing, we are continually looking for ways to improve the KCVC experience and get our Veterans hired! Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to assist along the way. I’m looking forward to 2017 and our partnership together!

Happy Holidays from your partners at the KCVC!