KCVC Update

KCVC Members – my apologies for going 2 weeks without sending a note regarding our progress. Despite my communication, it has been an amazing past couple of weeks for our members and our organization. Earlier this week, we surpassed over 100 Service Members and Veterans engaged in our program! I want to briefly share some highlights.

Boots In Cubes Event – last week 5 corporations (UMB, Garmin, Burns & McDonnell, Sprint, State Street) around KC participated in our Boots In Cubes Event. Within hours of opening the registration, we were at maximum capacity! The 5 day tour was a first for the metro area, where Veterans had the opportunity to go behind the scenes and learn more about corporate goals, responsibilities and hear from Veteran employees who made the transition. Because of the overwhelming participation and success, we are looking to continue this event with some level of cadence throughout the year. I have included some pictures. Click here to see the video.

Be More Than a Member – Going back to our 100 member mark. The common theme we hear is the fear of going through the transition alone. Our goal as a coalition is to provide everyone with the tools and resources to get hired. I know I’m probably sounding redundant, but I want to re-emphasize the additional tools we have to go along with our resume review. We have a team of incredible leaders from various industries ready to provide mock interviews and mentoring. These are valuable experiences that helps us learn the “civilian” interview style. Equally important, the mentoring is designed to expand your network. I know there is always hesitancy when it comes to leveraging these tools. But our volunteers are experts in assisting with the transition.

We Need Your Completed Resume – If you have completed the resume review process, we want to continue getting your name out to the hiring organizations. Please send us your updated resume so we can add to our monthly distro to the corporations.

In closing, the Boots In Cubes event was a huge success and demonstrated our ability to create innovative strategies towards expanding our Veteran network. We will continue to develop new tactics to get our men and women hired! Re-emphasizing my earlier point, please take advantage of all the resources available. All of the members that have been hired through the KCVC have completed the Resume Review, Mock Interviews and Mentoring. We’re here to help!