What is the Kansas City Veteran Coalition

The Kansas City Veteran Coalition serves as a centralized hub for KC Area Corporations to hire or help Veterans transitioning out of the military.  Our Mission is to bring these corporations together to share best practices and resources to enhance hiring, mentoring and networking for our Veterans.

Why the KCVC?

Many of our service members have never been exposed to Corporate America and conversely, corporations have trouble translating their skills and capabilities.  More importantly, U.S. Troop reductions are beginning to reach an all-time high, with expectations of 250,000 service members leaving the military in 2016.  As members of the major corporations, we have a unique opportunity to provide a system to take these highly trained and experienced individuals and integrate them into Corporate America

How Do I Become a Member?

Becoming a member is simple.  On our homepage, service members simply click the "Veterans Apply Here" option and follow the steps.  Service members will be required to submit their resume so we can provide assistance immediately with one of our qualified resume review teams!